Julian Zehnder

Julian Zehnder is an artist and composer who delves into the interplay between humanity, technology, and nature through his creative endeavors. He employs a range of mediums, including sound, sculpture, and collaborative techniques, to stimulate a dynamic and reflective discourse between the real and digital realms. Zehnder’s artistry harnesses synthetic sounds and field recordings to evoke a sense of liveliness and motion, while his integration of technology underscores the constantly evolving state of our contemporary society. His artwork encourages viewers to contemplate the influence of technology on their daily existence and how it affects their perception of the surrounding world.

Among others, Zehnder’s works have been shown at Kunsthalle Basel, De Appel Museum Amsterdam, Swiss Art Awards, LT4K Cologne, Kantonale Bern, Festival Electroacoustique Monaco and Creative Media Center Hong Kong. He won several competitions such as Kiefer Hablitzel Göhner Price 2019, Bronze Award at 3D Audio Production Competition in Ambisonics 2021 and the ZHdK Grant Award 2022. He completed a BA of honours in Music Composition in 2022 at Zurich University of the Arts and is currently doing a MFA in Sound Art at Columbia University in New York.



  • 2022

    MA Sound Art

    Columbia University, New York

  • 2020

    BA Computermusic

    University of Arts Graz

  • 2019

    Summer School Fabrication of Relics

    City University of Hong Kong

  • 2018

    BA CMP — Electronic Music Composition

    ZHdK, Zürich

  • 2017

    Precollege Sound-Arts

    HKB, Bern


  • 2023

    Beyond Dissolving Limits

    Open Studio Columbia University New York

    Spiral Cadence Series in Bbmaj7

    theBlanc Gallery New York

    Midsummer Dreams

    Chaos Computer Club New York

    Serenity in Turbulence

    Jewish Museum New York

    togetherness can be lonely and difficult too

    Wallach Art Gallery New York

  • 2022

    Degrees of Being

    Open Studios Columbia University New York collaboration with V. Vivas


    Backslash Festival Zürich

    Autopoiesis - The Auralisation of Connectivity

    Projektraum Dietikon collaboration with M. Hottarek

    365 I'm alive

    Zürcher Hochschule der Künste collaboration with S. Becker

    Post Millennium Flowerfield

    Rhizom Festival Rote Fabrik, Zürich

  • 2021


    School Spiegel, Köniz collaboration with I. Schärer

    sphere 1 (cancelled due to covid19)

    Tonhalle Maag, Zürich

  • 2020


    Schausammlung, LTK4 Köln

    oh mia bambina cara

    collaboration with S. Scherini

    Dear D, sun has gone, night has come. Are you full of hope too?

    Binz39 Zürich collaboration with J. Etter


    Unanimous Consent, Zürich

    Post Millennium Flower Field

    From Noise To Silence, Künstlerhaus Bregenz

    behind the curtain

    Winkel, Luzern collaboration with N. Bussien

  • 2019

    Nevermore — Remix

    Lange Nacht der Zeitgenössischen Musik, ZHdK Zürich


    Cantonale Bern, La Nef, Le Noirmont collaboration with N. Bussien


    Pleasure Zone, Summe Basel collaboration with M. Hottarek


    Lokal Int, Biel collaboration with M. Hottarek

    Surroundings, DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGER

    Sattelkammer, Bern

    A Beautiful Summer

    Milieu, Bern collaboration with M. Almusibli

    Die Nachricht

    KEINRAUM, Neubad Luzern collaboration with O. Abächerli


    JKON Olten collaboration with N. Bussien


    videokunst.ch, Houdini Kino Zürich collaboration with P. Ortelli

    cats, Fabrication of Relics, R.R.S.

    Creative Media Center, Hong Kong

    intones with a voiceless song

    Swiss Art Awards Basel collaboration with M. Almusibli


    Festival Electroacoustique Monaco

    innere Chor

    Aussteigen auf Zeit, Kloster Dornach collaboration with N. Bussien / I. Schärer

    beats.001 Uraufführungsabend

    ZHdK Zürich

    A Story of Love and Violence

    Platform CACY, Yverdon-les-Bains collaboration with M. Almusibli

  • 2018

    Live Set

    Schwobhaus, Bern

    3 Stücke für Roboter und Klavier

    ZHdK, Zürich