togetherness can be lonely and difficult too

New York • 2023

Inflatable cellophane/pvc bodies • plexiglass cube • pedestal • customized air pump system

The installation serves as a poignant symbol of the complex relationship between humanity and the earth. By placing the precise geometry of the glass cube and the synthetic air containers alongside the shapes of its surrounding, the work encourages the viewer to reflect on the dichotomous connection between humans and their environment. The installation’s soundscape evokes the subtle nuances of nature’s music – the gentle rustling of leaves, the faint whisper of the wind, and the bustling of small creatures – creating a space of contemplation and reflection.

As the soundscape gently blends with the ambient sounds of the environment, the piece creates a dynamic and continually evolving experience. The variations in light and weather throughout the exhibition time create a visual and sonic shift that emphasises the transience and impermanence of all things.

The observer, reflected in the mirror glass, becomes a part of the interactive process of the artwork, blurring the boundary between observer and art. The installation ultimately serves as a powerful reminder of the intricate interdependence between humanity and the world around us, and the significance of our obligation to it.