Sun has gone, night has come. Are you full of hope too ? Yours, J.

collaboration with Jonas Etter • BINZ39, Zürich • 2020

Audio/ Video 16’09’’ • 
8 channels • 
8 speakers & 8 beamers spatially positioned and synchronised

The audiovisual 8-channel installation consists of sound and image material that documents several walls of the two connecting rooms of the space at the instant when the lights are turned on. The two rooms of the BINZ39 are lit by fluorescent light tubes, which light up when the current triggered by the switch goes through them, thereby exciting the gas inside and making the tube glow. This often produces a barely perceptible, yet distinct „click“ sound at the moment of the switch. 

Thus a new sequence of singular events, each characterized by a different level of brightness, rhythm and pitch, takes place at every tap of the light switch and becomes a game of rhythm and sequence. Jonas Etter and Julian Zehnder documented this and together reinterpreted it into a composition of projection and audio score that plays out simultaneously across the two spaces. The result becomes an oscillation between documentation and fiction.