Rotating Cadence Series

New York • 2023

Spiral Nr. 1 107x20x20cm • Spiral Nr. 2 77x20x20cm • Spiral Nr. 3 55x20x20cm • Wood pedestals, motorised music boxes, music rolls

Three music boxes each play a loop of tones comprising a chord. The three chords employed collectively form the tonic, subdominant, and dominant of the key of B major. Through continuous yet asynchronous repetition within each music box, the timbres of the chords repeatedly converge in new constellations, giving rise to an unceasing melody in the shared key of B major. The distinct emphasis on each individual music box draws our attention to the distinct qualities of the respective chord functions within the music.

The cadence, this artful interplay of tension and release, unveils a narrative structure interwoven into the expression of sound. Analogous to the pauses between spoken words, which grant a dialogue room for reflection and meaning, the ebb and flow of dissonant moments and their harmonic resolutions mirror the rhythm of tides. The establishment of the cadence as a fundamental harmonic structure bears deep-rooted tradition in Western music.

The motorized music boxes, positioned on a pedestal simultaneously serving as a resonating body, beckon inquiries into the significance of acoustic musical instruments and evoke resemblances to conventional modes of presenting artworks.

The fusion of traditional forms from the realms of visual art and music places their relevance in today’s era under scrutiny, provoking reconsideration. This amalgamation of disciplines offers an enlightening perspective through which the interface of artistic forms and their evolving significance in the modern age can be observed.