Oh Mia Bambina Cara

collaboration with Seraina Scherini • ZHdK, Zürich • 2020

Video / Audio 18’14’’ • 4K, Stereo

The film music composed for the film O mia Bambina Cara by Seraina Scherini is very close to the original sound: musical composition, often barely perceptible as such, supports moods in the most subtle way possible and is intended to reinforce what is already there and not to represent another independent level. As a result, we can always negotiate how music and acoustic environment relate to each other, or whether we want to stick to such differentiations in principle. At the same time, it is clearly noticeable that the exclusively synthetically generated sounds can never completely merge with the “natural” character of the original sound. 

The compositional work for the film O mia Bambina Cara takes up the challenge through intensive collaboration with the participants to define music as a medium that partly fuses completely with the plot and the image and on the other hand behaves complete controversially to the happenings.