Midsummer Dreams

New York • 2023

live sound performance in stereo • 22'17''

Enter a realm where a fusion of environmental sounds and musical forms converging in a mesmerizing sonic performance. The space transforms under the force of sound and adjusts to heavy thunderstorms, gentle rains and harmonious moments on the countryside. In this auditory experience the simples sounds like the tinkling of a bell or the rustling of a foil, awaken a complex and enthralling tapestry of sonic sensations. Just like the cycles of weather ebb and flow, the soundscapes are ever-evolving, dynamic, and resplendent with life. Sound does not exist in isolation; it intertwines with the space it inhabits, opening new horizons of perception. Within this immersive experience, a living composition emerges, where the union of sound and environment aims to forge a profound connection to the source of life.