Beyond Dissolving Limits

New York • 2023

fountain sculpture: concrete, sculpting wire, expanding foam, black coloured hot glue, customised pump system, black food dye, • 2 customised subwoofers, hydrophone, wood basin

The perceived external menace posed by extraterrestrial, supernatural, or artificial entities often reveals itself to be a fear of our own making, deeply ingrained in our cultural fabric. Against the backdrop of relentless technological and ecological upheaval, the lines between dystopia and reality are increasingly blurred. Beyond Dissolving Limits, serving as a discovery of matter, not only destabilizes the boundaries of the body but also blurs those between nature and culture, life and death. While this metamorphosis has not yet taken place, the ecosystem that makes up humanity is changing – drastically and violently. The water’s ripples evoke memories of rain, rivers, or natural springs in the rock. At the same time, the deep bass sounds resonate from the subwoofers, their origins elusive, yet intricately entwined with the dripping of water. Technology grants us access to many surrounding sounds but introduces a plethora of new ones.

The blackness manifests itself as an alien blackness, a reference to the unnatural that escapes our full comprehension Through the opaque narrative and layered metaphors, the sculpture embarks on a project of estranging the human experience. Various entities collide and transform; a substance, a being, or a community is influenced, tainted, corrupted, or haunted by something beyond. The notion of purity proves illusory. The lesson from the Garden of Eden becomes clear: as soon as something is formed, it begins to exist of its own accord and ceases to belong exclusively to the creator, who wanted to shape and direct it. Even as it ensures survival, its original meaning dissolves upon creation.