Behind the Curtain

collaboration with Nicolle Bussien • Winkel, Luzern • 2020

Audio 16’26’’ • 4 channels • Multimedia-Installation 
size variable 
mirror foil 
2 tribunes • DMX-headlights

The usually narrowly seated grandstand of the former theatre is empty except for a few chairs and is separated from the rest of the room by a hanging mirror film. Only the presence of the visitors, who look at themselves in the distorted mirroring, completes the work behind the curtain. The grandstand as a place where the recipients can be sure of their passive position disappears, they become the protagonists of an unknown piece. Positions get mixed up, who plays for whom? The oscillation between convergent and divergent sound elements accompanies the partly hardly recognizable voice and gives a hint of another presence behind the hanging mirror foil. Synchronous to the audio, another grandstand flashes up behind the mirrored foil, with rows of chairs arranged in an almost threatening manner: Looks are exchanged, who is watching whom? The room installation leads us into the depths of our perception, in which the hidden becomes visible again and again. In the interplay of order and disorder, the auditory as well as visual level is constantly changing. Guided by the musical structures behind the curtain leads us into a dystopian landscape that turns the theatre into an allegory of our present. In an age in which algorithms decide what we see and control is inscribed in our bodies and psyches, the chairs of power remain empty. If you don’t see anything, you are what is seen!